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Higgins' Corner

Enjoy Fall With Me!

Fall is probably my favorite season! Autumn has many advantages for distinguished cats such as myself. As the temperatures start to cool down it means the snuggly warm blankets come out and that I can sit in the window and plan my attack on falling leaves. However, fall does present it’s own set of new concerns for you pet caretakers out there, so let’s get down to it.

The cold weather tends to bring an influx of rodent problems for homeowners, due to the fact that the rodents are seeking warmer refuge. If you have an expert mouser, such as myself, this may not affect you but you need to be watchful for neighbors or businesses that use rodenticides. These types of chemicals can be deadly to four-legged family members. If one of your pets does ingest a rodenticide then make sure to call the humans here at the clinic and don’t forget to find out the brand name of the poison they ingested – this will help them in treating your pet.

The autumn season also means Halloween, which means bizarrely dressed humans. I was given quite a spook when one tiny human “trick or treated” me in some sort of non-human suit. However, I had the last laugh as I watched those silly canines get dressed up in elaborate outfits and then paraded for all to see. When the humans try to put me in one of those outfits, I used my feline intellect and played dead. I can’t be paraded if I am playing possum on my back, amiright?? My only suggestion for you pet caretakers is to make sure your pet’s costume fits appropriately so as not to cause discomfort or harm to your beloved pet and if they do not seem comfortable or appear stressed then it is best to skip the costume this year.

It is also important to keep your pet away from the door if you are expecting those little humans to drop by for “trick or treats”. The costumes these days are so elaborate and strange that we animals can get very spooked and you would hate it if we ran away or scared the tiny humans.

Finally, keep all those human treats away from us pets. Dogs are bozos and they will eat first and think later. You don’t want them to eat anything that could harm them or risk them choking on something.

I hope you have learned some helpful tidbits from Higgins’ Corner! Now I’ve got to get back to my lookout post at the windowsill.

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