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Pet Pharmacy

Portsmouth Veterinary Clinic has an on-site, fully stocked pharmacy and an online pharmacy for your convenience.  That means convenience for you and on-the-spot treatment for your pet.  We only carry the safest heartworm and flea and tick control preventatives for you and your pets.  When you buy your pet products directly from us you can be sure that your products are legitimate and have been stored and cared for according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Through our pharmacy, you can purchase medications and products needed for

  • wellness care
  • critical care
  • emergency situations
  • medications for heartworm, fleas and intestinal parasites
  • medications for illnesses, ear infections, airborne allergies and chronic medical conditions

If your pet has specialized requirements, we may use local store pharmacies and special compounding pharmacies to meet your needs.

Our pharmacy also carries a full line of prescription foods diet products to meet the special nutritional needs of your pets. Please call us for more information about the brands we carry.

Please note: doctor approval required for online prescriptions, and an annual heartworm blood test required to purchase heartworm medication.



Potter League Pets

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Charitable Volunteering

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Alice Brightman Memorial Fund

The Fund offers financial help to our patients to pay for medical care their families could not or cannot afford...


Donate to Help Pets

Every day veterinarians across Rhode Island see pet owners who are elderly, disabled, or on a fixed income.


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