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Surgical Services

The Best Surgical Care for Your Pet

Surgical procedures are often a necessary part of your pet’s general health care plan.  When your pet needs surgery, the experienced veterinarians at Portsmouth Veterinary Clinic have a surgical suite equipped with state-of-the-art surgical equipment and offer a wide variety of surgical services for your pet.  Our experienced, professional staff will treat your pet with the utmost care and compassion while in our care.

Veterinary Surgery in Portsmouth, RI

If your pet needs specialized surgery, such as orthopedic surgery, referrals to board certified surgeons are available.

Pre-Surgical Care

Each pet is carefully screened prior to surgery and anesthetic drugs are selected based on your pet’s age, breed and health status.  We strongly recommend that every patient have pre-anesthetic blood tests to evaluate internal organ function and ensure that the pet is a good candidate for anesthesia. For more information about the importance of pre-anesthetic screening, please see this article:

Prior to surgery, we will discuss with you the recommended surgical procedure and explain why we believe a particular procedure is necessary, what the surgery entails, and expected recovery times.  We also provide information on proper postoperative care and answer any questions you may have so that you feel comfortable that you are making the right choice for your pet.  Itemized estimates of the cost for the procedure will be prepared and discussed prior to the operation.

Surgeries performed at our hospital include but are not limited to:

  • Spay
  • Neuter
  • Growth removal or tumor biopsy
  • Laceration repair
  • Urinary bladder surgery & stone removal
  • Oral/periodontal surgery
  • Emergency surgery (e.g. wound repair and others as needed)

During Surgery:

We have standard protocols in place to make anesthesia and surgery safer for our patients.  Prior to induction of anesthesia, an IV catheter is placed in every patient. This allows us to administer warm IV fluids throughout anesthesia, which helps maintain patient hydration and ideal blood volume. The catheter also ensures safety by providing immediate IV access in the unlikely event of an emergency situation. Patients are closely monitored under anesthesia by a dedicated certified technician taking vital signs on a regular basis and utilizing digital monitoring systems throughout every procedure.  Our surgery table is heated to help patients maintain an ideal body temperature and additional safe warming devices are used following procedures to enable faster recovery from anesthesia and ensure greater comfort. A comprehensive pain management plan is developed for every patient to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Our Commitment to You

Communication throughout the day of surgery is important to us.  We will be sure that we have the best contact information when you drop off your dog or cat and will keep you fully informed about your pet’s surgery, progress and recovery. 

Postoperative Care

Your pet will be closely monitored in our recovery area until they are stable enough to send home.  We will stay in contact with you throughout your pet’s hospital stay, and we will provide you with detailed information on how to properly care for your pet at home after surgery.  We are happy to answer any questions or concerns that may arise once you get your pet home. You may also find the post-surgical information in our FAQS page helpful.

Alice Brightman Memorial Fund

The Fund offers financial help to our patients to pay for medical care their families could not or cannot afford…

Donate to Help Pets

Every day veterinarians across Rhode Island see pet owners who are elderly, disabled, or on a fixed income.


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Care Credit

Portsmouth Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer and accept CareCredit®, North America’s leading medical payments program.


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