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Specialty Care

Should your pet need specialized veterinary care, your pet may receive the attention of specialists here, in our clinic. There is seldom need for transporting your pet to another office. Your pet has virtually everything they could possibly need under one roof.

Portsmouth Veterinary Clinic offers specialized veterinary care in the areas of:

  • Internal medicine. This specialty is involved with diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect the pet’s entire body. We have access to internal medicine specialists who visit our clinic regularly.
  • Cardiology. This specialty involves diagnosing and treating diseases that affect the pet’s heart. These diseases can be congenital and acquired, and include congenital heart defects, pericardial disease or heart related cancer. A cardiologist can evaluate your pet right here at our clinic.
  • Surgery. Our surgeons have many years of experience surgically treating a wide variety of conditions in both dogs and cats. Some examples are soft tissue surgery and oral/dental surgery. Through our clinic your pet can be referred to board certified surgical specialists when needed.
  • Ultrasonography. Veterinary ultrasound is a painless, non-invasive diagnostic tool that allows us to visualize internal organs that are not otherwise possible to examine. This procedure is performed by an ultrasound specialist with state of the art equipment in our hospital, providing convenience, expertise and immediate results.



Potter League Pets

We are pleased to volunteer with the Potter League rescue shelter for homeless pets. If you are looking for a new pet...


Charitable Volunteering

Portsmouth Veterinary Clinic is proud to donate services and raise funds for The Potter League to support animal...


Alice Brightman Memorial Fund

The Fund offers financial help to our patients to pay for medical care their families could not or cannot afford...


Donate to Help Pets

Every day veterinarians across Rhode Island see pet owners who are elderly, disabled, or on a fixed income.


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