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Spring Is Here!

Small happy dog playing with pet toy ball at backyard lawn (panoramic crop with copy space)
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Now that Spring has arrived we are ready to be outside more!  We have some health tips to be sure your pet stays healthy this spring season:

    • Heartworm prevention:  It’s time!  If your pet is not on year-round heartworm prevention, now is the time to make sure your dog or cat is protected.  Heartworm, a parasite transmitted by mosquitos, is a potentially fatal but preventable infection.  Mosquitos get indoors, too, so even if your pet does not go outside, they need to be protected.
    • Be aware of fleas and ticks: As the temperature rises, these freeloading parasites start actively looking for picnic spots on your pets. Ask us to recommend the most effective flea and tick preventive for your pets.
    • Pet Identification:  Make sure your pet’s ID tags are legible and contain all your current contact information. If your pet is microchipped, call the microchip company to make sure they have your most current contact information on file.  We can scan your pet, too, to check the information on the chip.
    • Retire that winter coat:  Many pets start shedding their winter coats about now. Time to bring out your best inner groomer and help your dog or cat unload all that extra fur. If your pet has matted hair, let the professional groomers get the tangles out.
    • Make sure your pet’s vaccines are current:  Now that pets may be playing with their friends more, exposure to other pets can put them at risk for infectious diseases if their vaccines are not up to date. Call us to schedule your pet’s wellness exam to be sure their vaccines are up to date and keeping them safe. 
    • Prepare for allergy season:  Does your dog scratch itself raw when the pollen swirls in the air? Check with us to make sure you have allergy medications at the ready or to have your dog examined if he or she is scratching.
    • Gardening:  Check your gardening supplies to make sure any lawn fertilizers, mulch or pest control products that may be toxic are out of your pet’s reach.
    • Ease into exercise: Has your pet been a couch potato during the winter—or pandemic?  Then start outdoor exercise slowly and gradually build up the intensity as your pet’s muscles and endurance get stronger.

    If your pet needs vaccines or a heartworm test, give us a call to schedule an appointment! 


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